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The Alchemist

The alchemist

Alchemist components are representative of the maximum technical expression applied to a product. Innovation and quality are due to the careful process of high-tech craftsmanship in which the direct involvement of the technical staff is crucial.
The alchemist encapsulates science, experience, sensitivity and philosophy within himself. His capabilities are founded on continuous research which are materialised in design and engineering; they are refined during the prototype phase and during testing, to then express themselves at their best in the product’s production phase and finish. The aim of the alchemist is to cut the finish line, his motivation, which is also his strength, is passion.

The alchemist only uses the finest materials for his production. Selection begins with individualising the type of carbon and the most suitable fibre weave to be used in relation to the stress each specific product will have to face at the time of use.
In addition to this, the alchemist only uses pre-impregnated carbon fibre as it is characterised by a uniform distribution and precise quantity of resin in every point, allowing weight and mechanical characteristics to be kept under control.

From this it obtains values of resistance to breakage whilst the coefficient to lengthen is precise to the centimetre, as is its control over the entire surface. Coupling layers is studied to: take greater advantage of the material’s tenacity, reducing the intrinsic vulnerability of carbon-resin coupling such as delamination and chipping to a minimum; optimise the quantity of material used and therefore reduce weight as much as possible. Alchemist’s manufacturing process is distinguished by the fact of it introducing a “stabilisation” phase or rather a series of treatments and solutions which bring the material to its maximum mechanical expression. At this point the carbon fibre piece is ready for drilling, cutting to size, di-burring, cleaning, varnishing and any coupling with other materials.

All this is only possible thanks to the expert hands from whose essence “made in Italy” craftsmanship which today has become hi-tech can come from. Product testing is carried out on site by professional cyclists equipped with a developed sensitivity in judging critical areas, expressing their needs and requirements with particular care. The alchemist is aware that evolution is continuous as it is a process, a fibre, a polymer or a mechanical system which can always be improved. For the alchemist winning every challenge means reaching perfection to then set another point of departure, the space for another innovation.

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Alchemist concept

The Alchemist Concept

Alchemy is an ancient philosophy whose objective was the transformation of base metals into gold. Obtaining the philosopher’s stone would have allowed them to resolve the world’s evils; transforming matter was an important metaphor for the transformation of man.
Nowadays, modern science, in basing itself on rational chemistry, allows us to work the elements exactly, giving man the means to reach his objectives confronting his interior dimension and in this way improving himself.
Just as gold represented perfection for the alchemist, thanks to its incorruptible properties, for sportsmen today carbon fibre is the perfect material in terms of lightness and resistance to stress, which are fundamental characteristics when facing a challenge such as a race. Alchemist transforms materials in order to elevate performance.

It is from these conditions and goals that Alchemist was created. The company produces carbon fibre components for bicycles – Mountain Bikes, Cross Country bikes and Marathon bikes. Each piece is numbered as it is produced by hand in accordance to what we can now define as a new tradition of craftsmen that is entirely made in Italy, and which has become hi-tech. Alchemist parts represent the highest choice for sporting professionals and demanding amateurs.

Alchemist has salvaged the charm of the alchemist’s ancient symbols, by adopting the emblematic representation of an alchemic animal as its logo: the uroborus is a snake which eats its own tail thus continuously regenerating itself; it represents a life cycle of things, of infinity of one and all.

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