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The alchemist concept

Alchemy is an ancient philosophy whose objective was the transformation of base metals into gold. Obtaining the philosopher’s stone would have allowed them to resolve the world’s evils; transforming matter was an important metaphor for the transformation of man.
Nowadays, modern science, in basing itself on rational chemistry, allows us to work the elements exactly, giving man the means to reach his objectives confronting his interior dimension and in this way improving himself.
Just as gold represented perfection for the alchemist, thanks to its incorruptible properties, for sportsmen today carbon fibre is the perfect material in terms of lightness and resistance to stress, which are fundamental characteristics when facing a challenge such as a race. Alchemist transforms materials in order to elevate performance.

It is from these conditions and goals that Alchemist was created. The company produces carbon fibre components for bicycles - Mountain Bikes, Cross Country bikes and Marathon bikes. Each piece is numbered as it is produced by hand in accordance to what we can now define as a new tradition of craftsmen that is entirely made in Italy, and which has become hi-tech. Alchemist parts represent the highest choice for sporting professionals and demanding amateurs.

Alchemist has salvaged the charm of the alchemist’s ancient symbols, by adopting the emblematic representation of an alchemic animal as its logo: the uroborus is a snake which eats its own tail thus continuously regenerating itself; it represents a life cycle of things, of infinity of one and all.