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If you buy from our e-commerce site you will receive the wheel set with the tyres already fitted.


This service has a value of € 150 and is offered included in the price on the entire Alchemist range, for purchases made in 2021.

 Getting it is very easy:

  • Select your favourite wheels from all ROAD, GRAVEL and MTB models


  • Directly in the shopping cart, choose your fitting option as inner tube, tubeless or dismounted and the different tyre models available for each range


  • DONE


  • If you have any doubts you can always contact us for clarification or changes

Ready2Race is an exclusive Alchemist service, dedicated only to private individuals who buy directly from our e-commerce site. The service includes the supply of the wheel set with the tyres already fitted. Once you have added your wheel set of choice to your shopping cart, you can choose the tyre type and fitting option. Selected tubeless tyres will be supplied taped, beaded but with sealant latex separately. You can also request non-fitted tyres, in which case you will receive them separately, in the wheel package.


The R2R service worth € 150 will be included in the list price for the whole of 2021: don't miss this chance to receive a race-ready set!

The list of tyre models is subject to change over time, but will be updated at the time of the order. If there are any changes to what you have ordered you will certainly be contacted.


In the alchemical tradition the Ouroboros, the snake biting its own tail, is a symbol of rebirth that represents the cyclical process needed to purify and bring to perfection the “Raw Material”. At Alchemist, this process is based on continuous research into the best composite materials available on the market, constant refinement of production techniques and the study of the most suitable geometries to enhance the characteristics of the composite material, to obtain wheels that are entirely Made in Italy and take on shapes that are unique in the world in terms of quality, weight, rigidity and extraordinary performance.

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